Viola Mara, by Rafael Melenchon 7Many musicians play instruments made by luthier Rafael Melenchon. He made the instruments of the great Saravasti Quartet (except the second violin). You can listen their nice sounds down below:

1. Saravasti Quartet plays the first movement (Allegro) of the Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet in D minor Opus 76 n. 2.

2. Saravasti Quartet plays the fourth movement (Molto Allegro) of W. A. Mozart String Quartet (Spring) in G Major Kv.387.

3. Saravasti Quartet plays the third movement (Menuetto) of the Franz Schubert String Quartet in C Major D46.

Furthermore you can listen Saravasti Quartet playing the first movement of Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet in F major Op. 18 n. 1:


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